Historical Timeline



November 13, 1950

The Farm and Community Council hosted a meeting at the Highland County Court House to organize a local group to work with The Ohio Easter Seal Society to help crippled children.  Representatives of various organizations including Rotary Clubs attended.  51 persons became charter members of the Highland County Society for Crippled Children. A constitution and by-laws were adopted.

First Officers and Organizations represented:

President:              W.D. Crosley            Health Council

Vice President:     Rev. Ed Bousman    Presbyterian Church                      

Secretary:              Mrs. Ferry Roberts  Advisory Council

Treasurer:              James L. Byrd          Rotary Club

Easter Seals:         Mrs. Doris Smith     Home and Community Council

Programs:              Dorothy Winters      County Health Nurse

                                    Viola Grandy           County Health Nurse

Membership:        Mrs. George Lucas Home & Community Council

Publicity:               Harold Powell           Rotary Club

                                     Freida Simpkins       Civic Club       


                Fundraising included Lily Parade flower sales by Boy Scouts, bake sales, mail campaign, card party, food sales.  Rotary shared expense with society on several equipment purchases for crippled children.

October 12, 1954

Name was changed to Highland County Society for Crippled Children and Adults as part of a new constitution suggested by the Ohio Easter Seal Society.  Board members included Hillsboro Rotarians James Byrd, Dr. Clifford Foor, Darrell Hottle, Dr. Carl Sites and James Hapner.

November 25, 1957

Helen Lowell becomes the “File Clerk” to maintain records regarding persons assisted at $5.00 per month.

January 14, 1959

                Helen Lowell hired as the first “Executive Secretary at a salary of $30.00 per month.

April 7-8, 1973

                First Radio-Telethon held at Hillsboro Bank & Savings in conjunction with National Easter Seal Society Telethon.

February 21, 1978

Name changed to Highland County Easter Seal Society for Crippled Children and Adults to conform to national and state trends as Easter Seals was helping adults as well as children.

March 27, 1979

                Betty Collins hired as new Executive Secretary.

 August 20, 1981

                Incorporated as an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation as Highland County Society for Crippled Children and Adults, Inc.


                Severed ties with Easter Seal Society to become independent organization because 38% of donations were being sent to the Easter Seal Society and the board and rotary clubs felt that local funds should all be used for the needs of the children and adults.

July 26, 1993

Name changed to Highland County Society for Children and Adults, Inc. to reflect that many services were being provided to adults with chronic conditions, injuries or illnesses who needed assistance with expenses not covered by insurance.             


                                Nina Wharton hired as Executive Secretary.

June 1, 2005

                                Gayle Coss hired as Executive Secretary.

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